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Drawing comparisons between WINMO HOUSING and other housing construction companies.

The lowest price is not the best and comparisons among construction companies should be done according to the value addition and service received.

Many individuals are tempted to compare housing construction companies based on pricing and design, totally forgetting about the quality standards, customer service and the responsibility of the construction company during the warranty period.

It would be a wise decision to compare the following factors prior to your precious investment.





How is the reputation of the company and is it a credible company to manage your investment money?


Is the company stable enough to guarantee 20 years concrete structure warranty period?


Has the construction company completed projects before?


Are there any ongoing projects?


Are  the laid down costs realistic or unrealistic?


Will  the quote prices too lower than actual?


Do they ensure construction quality through quality assurance / quality control systems?


Will your construction company provide BOQ estimation with price or an equivalent to compare? (square feet rates are misleading and cannot be relied upon)


Will the company agree on heavy discounts?




Is there a Qualified Chartered Architect for a housing project?


Is there a Structural Engineer for a housing project?


Is there a QS Engineer for the project?


Will Architect visit to construction site free? how many?


Will the Engineer visit to construction site free? how many?


Will a soil condition analysis done?


Will charges to the customer for Engineer, Charted Architect and QS ?




Will there a final budget for the cost of project included?


What is the accuracy rate of the budget?


Will the company willing to sign a agreement?


Will the company able to reduce the initial agreed price if payment is done promptly?


Would the company charge anything above Lump Sum money agreed?




Does the company have an  in-house Project Construction / Management staff ?


Does the company have an in-house qualified technical staff  to supervise the  construction work?


Does the company have an independent  Structural Engineer and staff for quality audits?


Does the company give a guarantee it will do rectifications with their own money even if it is costly?


Does the company offer a 20 year concrete structural (beams) warranty and an one year defect recovering period?


+ Applicability is for new constructions and not renovations

It may be quite surprising, the biggest competitors are individuals working as masons. Although technology has advanced, even to this day many believe that a mason along with an architect is all what is needed to finish a house. However this is a myth due to many reasons.

An architect can come up with a good house design, however can they compete the elegance as WINMO HOUSING?

Can the mason provide a realistic financial projection for your project? Traditional methods cannot predict costs accurately based on square feet value and values predicted by architects can vary by about 40% to 60%. Small contractors would be more misleading with lower quotes just to bag the business.

There are many tricks of the trade used by them to convince you

Many reduce on the actual quantities needed and quote a lower BOQ. For instance if 50 cubes of stone is needed, it would only be quoted as 30

An incomplete BOQ - for instance roofs being quoted with poor quality painting and use of poor quality raw materials against the standard

A BOQ with omission of items which are indeed essentials - For instance omitting a concrete floor. This is intentionally done to keep the rates lowered. However once the construction starts the charging will be incurred as you sign a agreement and agreed to pay. Many do not obtain the services of a experienced QS enginner and are therefore kept in the dark by small scale contractors on the accurate pricing.

With our services at WINMO HOUSING you will be guaranteed of a realistic budget of the ‘design to cost’ to suit your needs. Our qualified team includes a qualified chartered architect, experianced chartered engineer, QS team and technical staff to supervise the work progress, which is value for the money paid. Further, as we agree on a fixed lump sum pricing agreement , you would have peace of mind even during price inflation periods. We take responsibility to deliver a quality product within the agreed budget and schedule.

Although some clients do request for deviations against the construction measuring norms, we advice and educate them not to do so. We educate the clients to take a decision at the design stage itself if it is a feasible budget or they could revise to a higher budget and to think of any financial constraints which might come up their end.

As a social responsibility when we see wall or foundation cracks in the neighbourhood we do educate our neighbours and help them to rectify the cases. It has mostly been witnessed due to under designed foundations or structures which have never had the involvement of a structural engineer or masons compromising on the structural engineer’s design.

We take all measures to build your house to quality standards thus preventing any cracks to your buildings. The general belief is that when construction goes on, on the other plot of land, the strength to our foundation can get affected, but this is a myth! If your house is properly constructed one will not encounter such problems. The fact is, we cannot prevent neighbours from building houses and the choice is in our hands to select the right professionals to build our homes.

At WINMO HOUSING we ensure strict QA/QC checks by our experienced structural engineers and the qualified technical staff to meet the ‘Triple quality check’. Our clients can sit back comfortably and not worry over the construction and never have to take the risk of losing their hard earned money on crooks. There will be no need to worry about neighbours building next door either and the comprehensive warranty gives a guarantee of the work, for you to enjoy a lasting and elegant home.

It is seen that clients who follow the traditional way end up paying at least 50 to 60% higher than the quoted prices. When you compare it with WINMO HOUSING rates, it is seen that the final pricing is higher than what we quote and with a poor after service. So we advise don’t fall into such pitfalls.

An additional factor which you might have to bear in mind is the quality of the construction and the standards maintained. When it comes to construction, quality is key and the structures built needs to evidence their strength and durability. The latest technology has new additions such as beams, column footings and slabs to increase the tensile strength compared to the traditional 9 inch wall and heavy foundation. Masons don't have an idea of measuring raw material calculations or structural element designs which can only be done by a experianced structural engineer with the right professional knowledge. Our services include such services in your project.

Cost reduction through inappropriate methods and poor raw materials will risk your dream home of the quality it needs for durability. Do not be convinced by reinforcements which reduce the quality and size of steel used and substitutes for substandard cement as the quality of homes built depend on these vital factors. An intervention by a qualified structural engineer along with a trusted workforce helps to lay strict regulations and instructions which would be loyally followed by the work team.

Our team ensures ethical work principles and genuine work plans which can keep you at peace of mind that your construction is happening as per the required standards. Our structural engineers keep an eye on the construction and do not compromise on the concrete structural design which may be the case with masons who do not provide a comprehensive warranty.