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Designing and Construction Service

Modern designs with high quality standards to achieve the goals of the project!
We are a well reputed design and construction company in the nation with many completed and on-going projects. Our ‘design and build’ package comes as a single package with designing and construction services. Our tailor made services fit your budget range and should be the choice for an ultimate happy experience.


Design to Cost

Our technique of ‘design to cost’ helps in serving our clients in an efficient way. We minimise on unnecessary costs, while keeping track of all essential costs for the functionality and stability of your home. This helps clients to have a clear budgetary projection.

Our chartered architects and engineers are well versed to modulate within pre-planned cost and budgets helping develop designs of your liking and choice to maintain balance and harmony in the design. The technique of ‘design to cost’ helps keep the architects and engineers on the right track.



We design according to your requirements and your budget to suit your needs. ‘Design to cost’ helps to achieve the budget in hand and helps to build your beautiful home comfortably without stress of exceeding the budget estimated. The traditional methods give surprises to the total cost and is an inefficient method to use compared to ‘design to cost’. Our housing designs are indeed a saving with no extra costs incurred.


Designing by Chartered Architects Only

Our designs are done by qualified chartered architects only. We take care in designing your home not just with an elegant outer appearance but also are mindful of sound interiors with proper ventilation and lighting.
Don’t be tricked into buying designs from cheaper sources and places where chartered architects are not involved as it would lead to improper balance and harmony in the home with unplanned bathrooms or inadequate ventilation and many other unpleasant experiences.
Don’t let others take away the dream of a beautiful home through wrong and cheap designs as you would need to suffer an entire lifetime with them! Don’t let draftsmen do the job of chartered architects and drive you into chaos.


Inspecting by Only Chartered Engineers

One needs a proper foundation to build your house upon and do not be moved by what masons say. Qualified structural engineers would design your house to stand strong for over 50+ years while unprofessional work would show structural defects in a matter of 5 to 10 years.
Your home is an investment and do not let unprofessional to risk the entire future of your home and your money.


High Resale Value

With our outstanding designs and the feel of homeliness in our houses , prospective buyers wouldn’t think twice about investing in them. The proper lighting, ventilation and other arrangements would be realised in seconds and is able to inspire and impress someone and would leave you at a high position to sell your house if needed. Our homes are unique and stand out from the rest making it resalable at any time.


Commercial buildings, Hotels and Condominiums

We also undertake building and designing of commercial projects, condominiums and hotels while design only services are also available.

Our object in the construction of the state is the greatest happiness of the whole

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Why choose WINMO HOUSING Designs?

Our specialised home designing services provide you an in-depth knowledge of the lighting, ventilation, building orientation as well as other important aspects such as spatial arrangements, ground level preparation and functionality.

We help to beautify not just the outer appearance of your home but also impart and educate you on the interior of your house. We understand that a home is a total living experience or a lifestyle that is designed to suit your individual tastes and needs.

Our concept of ‘cost to design’ helps to stay within the budget with optimum functionality to your home. Who doesn’t want a beautiful home which is complete to your needs?

We have designs to fit your budget, be it for 3 million or 30 million, our housing designs take pride of palace.

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