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We at WINMO HOUSING understand that building your dream home is the most valuable investment made in your life time. As a professional construction company, we prioritise our clients’ lifestyles to bring the most comfortable luxury, modern, and semi luxury housing by incorporating the latest technologies under high quality control measures. Our dedicated team of professional Chartered Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Chartered Structural Engineers and the well trained construction staff ensure quality at every step and makes our clients remain well satisfied.

We build your home committed to providing first class quality designs and construction to suit your budget. As a construction company we abide by providing honest, professional and high quality services, unparalleled to all other construction companies in Sri Lanka.

We have been in business since 2008 and have 200+ completed and 10+ on-going projects under our belt. Our established teams provide professional support ensuring the success of each project. We react fast and effectively to any changes or issues encountered, to provide the best solutions while preserving the highest standards.

We build lasting relationships meeting our customer expectations to drive our business into success, providing rapid focus to all our customer needs and demands to have their dream home built in the most comfortable way.

Our design to cost techniques provides a good outline on how to build your design home within the available budget. With our vast knowledge and experience we design your dream home to a design of your liking to suit your budget. Unlike in traditional costing ways where one might overspend, the design to cost system helps to keep you within the budget.

We compromise on quality and promise strength and stability to your home. Our structures are built with utmost care in strict compliance with the national building and construction guidelines without any shortcuts or reduced dimensions. We keep up to all quality control measures and the work is audited to ensure performance index for our clients.

Our audits are conducted in a non-biased way by a team of independent auditors who are part of the Quality Audit Unit reporting directly to the internal auditors who are independent of the construction management.

At WINMO HOUSING we ensure you of quality assurance and quality control to obtain the highest construction quality standards.

We are responsible for our actions and understand the impact it has on others. We provide guarantee to the concrete structures created by us and provide accountability through a guarantee period of 20 years. Thus, during the maintenance period any rectification to any construction defects will be totally borne by us. These kinds of defects are highly unlikely due to our strong internal audits, however any small or large rectification during the maintenance period would be our responsibility and we try to eliminate any form of such defects during our construction period.
We also strive for sustainable practices which would have the least damage to the surrounding environment and atmosphere.

The final project would be agreed upon as a ‘lump sum construction agreement’ which returns a lot of benefit and peace of mind to customers who would not have to worry about inflation of raw materials and labour costs. This ensures a promise to the customers to stay within the agreed budget.

We take pride in differentiating our services from the rest of the providers through innovative styles and designs to enhance the quality of your life sense of belonging and satisfaction of designing and building through continuous improvement methods to help you own an elegant adobe.

With the initial ‘baseline’ plan created specifically for your project by our construction department and design engineers, we ensure that the project is monitored to help progress with precision and efficiency. We use web based applications to monitor the progress of your project to rightly place the adequate resources and labour force at the construction site from the daily inputs received. The data is available real time and can be made available to our clients too.
This system guarantees on time completion with the highest standards

Our dedicated customer service is friendly and easily accessible helping clear all your doubts while providing clarity to your queries. We understand your concerns and curiosity during the progress of your project and corporate with you in sharing the progress and information to give you assurance. We strongly believe in having happy customers and client satisfaction means immensely to us.